Dental Sedation

Many patients struggle with dental fears and anxiety. This can sometimes keep patients away from their regular dental check-ups. By avoiding their dentist, problems can begin to form unknowingly. By overcoming dental fears, patients can consistently get the care that they need. This helps in maintaining a healthy smile and allows our dental team to detect dental problems when they are small. If your dental anxiety is keeping you from the dentist, sedation may be a good option for you. Sedation dentistry can help you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your dental visits.

Trained in Sedation Application

Sedation dentistry is also used in lengthy appointments to help your dentist accomplish a lot in one visit or to perform a specific procedure like placing a dental implant. In these advanced cases, typically IV sedation is used. Our team carefully monitors each patient who uses sedation and is trained in administering each type of sedation. Sedation is used along with numbing medications to help patients have the best overall experience during treatment without the sensations of fear or discomfort!

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Administered through a mask that is placed over your nose during treatment, nitrous oxide sedation begins working within minutes. With nitrous oxide sedation, you will feel completely relaxed and will be able to respond to your dentist if needed. The sedation begins to wear away as soon as the mask is removed, allowing you to resume your daily activities following your visit.

Oral Sedation

Prior to the start of your visit, sedation will be administered in pill form. By the time you sit in the dental chair, you will feel comfortable and at ease. Oral sedation lasts for hours so your dentist is able to complete treatment before your sedation wears away. You’ll feel relaxed and at ease, and some patients enter a sleep-like state where they remember very little of their treatment.

IV Sedation

An advanced sedation technique, IV sedation is administered by our trained professionals, IV sedation is used by placing an IV that continuously gives medication throughout treatment directly into the bloodstream. IV sedation allows your dentist to increase or decrease the level of sedation throughout your visit and is often only used for complex procedures or to complete multiple procedures in one visit. 

Your dentist can help determine the best type of sedation for your upcoming visit. If you are looking for sedation dentistry in Brooklyn, NY, your search can end here! Call our office to set up your dental visit today!

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