Same-Day Crowns

If you have a damaged or missing tooth, a dental crown can restore your smile! A dental crown is used to either cover a damaged tooth or fill a gap in your smile. At Midtown Dental Group, we offer same-day crowns. In just one visit, you could leave our office with a fully restored smile! Same-day crowns are created through an on site milling machine, allowing you to skip the process of wearing a temporary crown while your permanent crown is made. 

How Same-Day Crowns Work

Advanced technology including CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) and CAD (computer-assisted design) makes the same-day crown process possible. This technology cuts out the wait time and the need for a temporary crown. No longer do patients have to be sent home with a temporary crown and then have the permanent crown placed at a later date. In just one day, a dental crown can be designed and manufactured in our office. Our dental crowns are color-matched and blend in with surrounding teeth. Same-day crowns are also made to last for many years due to their durable material. Same-day crowns are designed with high-quality materials that allow your tooth restoration to function like a natural tooth and be resistant to stains or decay. Once your crown is placed, bite and function will be tested and any necessary adjustments can be made. 

Advantages of Same-Day Crowns Include

  • Just one visit for treatment
  • No messy impressions
  • No temporary crown needed
  • Long-lasting restoration
  • Metal-free restoration

If you are interested in same-day crowns in Brooklyn, NY, our team can help! In just one visit, a custom dental crown can be made and placed. Take the first step towards a restored smile today!

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